Volunteering opportunities

We are looking for volunteers for a number of great roles within Crimestoppers


Current volunteering opportunities

Our current volunteering roles

Volunteer Chairs

Cheshire, Dorset, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, West Midlands and Sussex

Our teams are looking for Volunteer Chairs with a suitable range of skills to take on the role of recruiting and sustaining an active committee membership. This includes motivating, encouraging and supporting all volunteer members, enabling them to deliver effective results - as well as leading the development, implementation and tracking of an annual business/action plan and providing leadership by offering clarity, direction and guidance.

These roles also requires facilitating and maintaining positive communications both locally and centrally, providing a positive engagement model with the local police forces and encouraging local partnership working in order to promote Crimestoppers. Role descriptions are available on request.

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Volunteer Treasurers

Thames Valley, Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland and Cambridgeshire

Our teams are looking for Volunteer Treasurers to join us. This will involve acting as Treasurer for the committees, taking the lead on the team’s financial planning in order to support effective delivery of local campaigns, and income generation. It will also involve being accountable to the committees and the Director of Finance at Crimestoppers Central Office for the management of that fund.
Ideally you will have some financial experience, be computer literate and have an enthusiasm for the role. Role descriptions are available on request.

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Volunteer Secretaries

Sussex, Thames Valley, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Our local committees are looking for volunteers to act as Secretary - to help organise the committees' work and provide administration and secretarial support in assisting the committees to promote the charity. These important roles will help to keep the committees on track and aligned with the overall objectives of Crimestoppers.

We are looking for someone who is computer literate, ideally with experience in administration work - someone with a passion for helping communities fight crime and remain safe.  Role descriptions are available on request.

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Marketing Volunteers

Kent, West Midlands region (Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Mercia) and Cambridgeshire

Our teams are looking for volunteers to take the lead on marketing and promotional activities for their committee. As a Marketing Volunteer you would assist with the planning and implementation of the promotional plans for a number of projects and campaigns, including liaising with the local media and handling any PR requirements.

We are looking for people who ideally have professional experience in marketing, project management skills and experience of working with the media. If you are familiar with marketing principles and are able to demonstrate enthusiasm for the role, we would like to hear from you. Role descriptions are available on request.

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