About Most Wanted

About Most Wanted

Our Most Wanted gallery exposes those wanted by UK law enforcement.

It gives you the opportunity to help identify offenders, or help locate and arrest them from where they may be hiding.
As the UK does not have an official national Most Wanted list, we give you the opportunity to search for the appeals that concern you most.
You can search by UK region, by keyword and by crime type and you can give information to help identify, locate and arrest offenders.

Who is responsible for Most Wanted appeals?

Police forces across the UK are responsible for Most Wanted appeals; it is they choose who goes on and who doesn’t, and they are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and for removing appeals.

What if I recognise someone?

If you have information on someone featured within Most Wanted, contact us anonymously and securely on 0800 555 111 or through our anonymous online form.
Alternatively, if you do not want to remain anonymous and want to make a statement direct to the police, the relevant force’s details will be at the bottom of the appeal.

If you think some Most Wanted information is incorrect…

All information on Most Wanted is supplied by the police and they have strict controls to ensure it is accurate. However, if you feel that an appeal is inaccurate, let us know via our contact enquiry form and we will pass this information to the relevant police force.