Most Wanted: 10 years

Since 2005 there have been 12,524 appeals and 3,589 arrests - help us bring more to justice

With 547 appeals on Most Wanted, help us get more off the streets

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Why is the Most Wanted anniversary important?

With over 20 police forces and 547 wanted appeals, we are celebrating the impact Most Wanted has had over the last 10 years and look to the future with a hope that the 20th anniversary will be even better.
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By phone
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Most Wanted

Help locate the UK's most wanted individuals sought in connection for crimes including murder, sexual assault, burglary, violence and more.

You can search appeals by post code, crime type or operation and help keep the UK and your community safe with the information you pass on.

You can give us information anonymously online or call 0800 555 111.

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