5 May 2015

Youth organisation Fearless has launched a campaign in West Yorkshire to educate youngsters in schools across the region about how they can give information about crime.

Fearless is the youth service used by national crime-fighting Charity Crimestoppers to encourage and support young people to share information anonymously about crime.  It aims to introduce young people to the service of Crimestoppers, whilst educating and empowering a generation with the knowledge that they have a choice to be fearless against crime.

Its website, Fearless.org, provides a host of information for young people, and those who interact with young people, to find out more about crime, and where to seek further information or help, if needed.  They can also access the secure online form to provide information about crime anonymously.

Working alongside Bauer Media, with the support of the local authorities, West Yorkshire Police and Police and Crime Commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, a team has been running workshops in a number of secondary schools across West Yorkshire, engaging with students in order to provide them with knowledge and understanding of crimes which are linked to Child Sexual Exploitation.

The workshops consist of a Fearless worker speaking to the students and providing the educational aspect of understanding crimes which can relate to Child Sexual Exploitation, such as sexual abuse, rape, drugs and provision of alcohol.

Following on from this, the students built on what they have learned to create their own radio advert scripts to help other young people understand the dangers of these crimes. The best adverts have then been selected and created into professional scripts and recorded for airing on Aire FM, which started broadcasting yesterday (Monday 4th May).

Gemma Wilson, Crimestoppers Regional Manager for Yorkshire & Humberside, said “I’m extremely excited about the ongoing work of Fearless in West Yorkshire. I’ve been immensely impressed and proud of the amount of work which has gone into the creation of the workshops and the outcome of the radio adverts.  The students have engaged extremely well and truly taken note of what Fearless is about and how it can help with educating them about crimes, but most importantly, how to report information about crimes if they’re not comfortable speaking to the Police or other trusted adult. 

“Fearless, like Crimestoppers, provides an outlet for young people to let us know about crime, as they’re often too scared to report it to the police. Without Fearless this information would otherwise not be shared.  In addition to being an information giving mechanism, Fearless plays a much bigger role and is also an educational service that helps young people understand different types of crime, how to recognise the dangers, and what they can do to help themselves and their friends, should they get involved in such activity.” 

Detective Chief Inspector Sue Jenkinson of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Partnership work is at the forefront of our work to tackle CSE and education of both young people and their parents about the dangers of grooming is a key factor in helping to reduce offending.

“We are pleased to support this initiative from Crimestoppers which complements the ongoing’ Know the Signs’ campaign intended to raise awareness of this issue.”

For more information or to anonymously pass on information about crime visit fearless.org.





For more information please contact the Crimestoppers press office on 0208 835 3700 or email kieran.theivam@crimestoppers-uk.org.