We've launched a campaign working with students from Leeds University to tackle the issue of student burglary across Leeds.


The campaign’s main focus is to fully engage with the student population in Leeds to help them protect themselves against burglary.

Leeds Student Burglary_Dec13_346x489 Leeds has always been a high burglary area and, with three universities in the city, it boasts the fourth largest student population in the country. The campaign, funded by the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, aims to engage with students to encourage them to protect themselves against becoming potential victims of burglary and to empower them to speak about burglary, and other acts of criminality, which can have a damaging emotional impact on their everyday lives.

Highlighting the problem and encouraging students to take action, we aim to gain crucial intelligence on perpetrators, reduce future burglaries, suppress the activity of burglars in the area and encourage people to be vigilant and security minded.


Leeds Student Burglary Megan Amy_Dec15_202x189Megan Chown and Amy Woodward (pictured) provided an innovative and engaging presentation, having questioned their fellow students and gained feedback on how best to target the student population. Their innovative use of a twist on movie quotes, with the typographic artwork, was a winner. Visually appealing and memorable, it was perfect for getting our message across, plus an easy to remember hashtag: #RememberThis.

Over the next few weeks, their materials will be made into Facebook adverts, promoted posts, Twitter ads and posters, displayed on computers and in student accommodation across Leeds.

Facts and figures

  • Burley, Woodhouse and Hyde Park continue to have the highest burglary rates

  • These areas experience the most attacks on insecure properties

  • Historically, almost a third of Leeds students have been a victim of crime whilst at university

How to protect yourself

  • Remember to lock your doors and windows

  • Don't leave valuables on display

  • Keep a look out for suspicious individuals, vehicles, etc.

  • An occupied property is uninviting to a burglar - the presence of an alarm will also be a deterrent

  • Check out our Keeping Safe pages for further advice

Report it

If you are a victim of crime, contact the police on 999 or 101. If you have information about a crime or criminals, but don't want to speak to the police, contact us anonymously on 0800 555 111, or complete our Anonymous Online Form.

We do not take any names, personal details or record our phone calls. We will not trace your call or your online form. You will not have to go to court or provide a witness statement.  We just want you to tell us what you know, not who you are.