21 September 2015

We have launched a campaign to tackle rural crime in Herefordshire as figures reveal theft cost the county’s rural community £610,000 last year.*

rural crime herefordshire_Sep15

Opportunistic criminals are targeting buildings with poor security in isolated areas to steal items that can be easily sold. These include:

  • Hand-held power tools
  • garden equipment
  • trailers
  • farming materials
  • riding equipment

Thieves have also been known to take livestock as well as metal and even fuel from home heating and farm storage tanks.

But offences are not limited to theft, rural communities are also affected by poaching, hare-coursing as well as issues like cannabis cultivation.

Rural crime has a negative impact on communities

Last year 30 per cent of all crime in Herefordshire occurred in rural areas and it can have a hugely negative impact on communities.

Helping to stamp out rural crime

We're hoping this campaign will help stamp out rural crime in Herefordshire by making the public aware of the issue and encouraging more people to speak out about the perpetrators.

“Many people assume that quiet and peaceful rural communities are not affected by crime but this isn’t the case. Isolated areas where buildings have little or no security are often seen as easy targets by criminals. It can have a seriously negative impact on the victim and the community as a whole. We hope this campaign will help make communities safer by rural raising awareness. Most importantly, we also want to encourage anyone who has information about those committing crime to contact us anonymously."

- Jane McCann, chair of Crimestoppers’ volunteer committee in West Mercia


“One of the rural community’s best assets is its people who can work together to safeguard the local neighbourhood. “It is extremely important that all suspicious matters and crimes are reported through local policing networks or anonymously through Crimestoppers.”

Malcolm Watkins, NFU Mutual

* The cost of rural crime in Herefordshire in 2014 based on theft claims dealt with by NFU Mutual