Photo from left to right: Townsend PCSO Anna Lillywhite, Chairman of Dorset Crimestoppers Russell Oaten, Castlepoint's Bill Riddle and Inspector Mike Darkin.

Dorset Crimestoppers continue to play a role in helping to cut crime accross the County by joining others at a community safety day in Castelpoint. Board member Bill Riddle praised volunteer agences, the police and local authorities who combine to make Castlepoint a safer and more enjoyable place to shop.

Keeping Castelpoint safe

Bournemouth’s Castlepoint Shopping Park joined the Dorset Police and Crime Commission’s Townsend Community Safety Day to show its support and appreciation of the dedicated work provided by many of the agencies that support the police in the area.

Bill Riddle is the Operations Manager at Castlepoint and a Dorset Crimestoppers Board member. He manages the shopping park's security operation and said that they were pleased to be invited to join the safety day and reinforce the good working relationship they have with the authorities and local councillors.

"We are grateful to the many organisations that assist us to keep Castlepoint a safe and enjoyable place to visit and shop. We intend to support some of the volunteer-based agencies including Dorset Crimestoppers who depend on the good will of the public to continue their important work.”

Bill Riddle,
Dorset Crimestoppers

Volunteer for Dorset Crimestoppers

If you are interested in voluntary work for Crimestoppers in Dorset, contact Chairman Russell Oaten by emailing or calling 07835 300216.