Our team of volunteers in Devon & Cornwall recently launched an innovative project to help raise awareness of our sister website Fearless.org with young people across Plymouth.

Crimestoppers volunteers worked alongside the Life Centre and Devon & Cornwall Police to promote our dedicated service for 11-16 year olds through:

- A unique Quick Reference (QR) code that can be scanned by smartphones, taking the user straight to Fearless.org and its online information giving function.

- Posters in discreet areas of the Life Centre, schools, colleges, sports clubs and youth clubs, and artwork on flat screens.

- Key-rings featuring the Fearless logo and QR code handed out at local events for young people.

- Providing ICE (in case of emergency) cards – these are aimed at those aged 14 and above who are becoming more independent as a way of identifying who they are and their  next of kin.

- Liaising with school/college professionals to raise awareness of Fearless and the resource package that they can utilise within their lessons and further awareness within Plymouth

Over the coming months the message that young people have somewhere to turn to when they have information about crime will be delivered throughout the city, and we hope lead to Plymouth being an even safer place for them to live.

We would like to thank all of our partners for their help in delivering this initiative, and in particular The Plymouth Life Centre and Sarah German, from Devon & Cornwall Police Crime Prevention Unit.