Huge spike in crime information received during Isle of Sheppey campaign

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We've seen an 85% increase in information about crime during our first-ever campaign on the Isle of Sheppey.

In December last year, the Crimestoppers charity visited the island in a bid to encourage residents to speak up if they had information about crime and criminals.

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A digital screen hit the streets promoting our 0800 555 111 number and Anonymous Online Form. It also broadcast the faces of some of Kent’s ‘Most Wanted’ individuals, listed on our Most Wanted website.

During the activity, we saw an 85% increase in information from residents on Sheppey compared to the previous month, and Kent Police made six arrests.

Julia Hughes, South East Regional Manager Crimestoppers, said: “It is clear that islanders are actively working to keep crime out of the Isle of Sheppey. The information from Sheppey accounted for 9% of the total information received for the whole of Kent.

“Our campaign is about empowerment and ensuring residents know, understand and trust they can speak up safely without revealing their own identities.”

The campaign is being delivered in partnership with Kent Police and Swale Borough Council. It also has the support of Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes.

We've also been promoting our work on Sheppey through our social media channels, with the support of local law enforcement as well as Wardens and Fire and Rescue services.  

Inspector Mark Button, from Kent Police, said: “Local intelligence is vital in our fight against crime. Whether people speak directly to us, local Wardens or anonymously to Crimestoppers, we take that information seriously.  I hope that the public continue to come forward throughout this campaign and beyond.”

Cllr Ken Pugh, cabinet member for community safety and health at Swale Borough Council, added: “The Isle of Sheppey is a wonderful, close-knit community and these results reflect the community’s determination to help keep their island safe.”

The impact of crime should not be underestimated - victims can be left traumatised, witnesses can be frightened and feel vulnerable and, culturally, some people feel they cannot and would not ever go to the police. Crimestoppers enables a safe route to breaking the cycle of crime.

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If you have any information about those crime on the Isle of Sheppey or across Kent, please call us anonymously on 0800 555 111 or use our Anonymous Online Form. No one will ever know who you are as we guarantee complete anonymity for those passing on information. 

We also offer cash rewards of up to £1,000 for information given anonymously that leads to the arrest and conviction of offenders. 

For further information, please contact Julia Hughes, South East Regional Manager for Crimestoppers  E: or T: 07979 815069.