Crimestoppers Northern Ireland's campaign sub-committee is currently implementing a youth campaign, which was piloted in the University of Northampton earlier this year. 

The local university, Queen’s, has committed to working with Crimestoppers, and their Student Union President has been given a position on the Crimestoppers Board. 

In conjunction with the University, Crimestoppers will attend the Freshers Fair in September, to recruit students to form a committee to run campaigns on behalf of the charity.  Recruitment  flyers have been designed and will be distributed at the fair.  This recruitment drive will be complemented by a social media campaign and an advertisement in the student magazine, The Gown. 

NI youth campaign 1

NI youth campaign 2

The format of the first campaign will follow the successful ‘Stick it Stole it’ campaign implemented in England.  Campaign materials and logistics will be provided to the students to start them off.  The initial meeting with the students will enable roles to be allocated and tasks distributed. We look forward to following the progress of our local students as they roll out this campaign!