A campaign aimed at encouraging people to report drug dealing in their area has been launched by Craigavon Community Safety Partnership (CCSP) and District Policing Partnership (DPP) in conjunction with Northern Ireland Crimestoppers and the PSNI.

 Dogs Drugs campaign

The campaign plays on the idea that even the dogs on the street know who the drug dealers in a community are, meaning that clearly some members of the public also know and should do the right thing and report them.

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously

"If you have any information about anyone involved in criminal activity, particularly drugs and drug dealing, but you want to remain anonymous then contact Crimestoppers," urges Councillor Michael McGoldrick, Chair of CCSP and DPP.

"Crimestoppers will pass information to the relevant authority and no-one can trace it back to you. You don't have to let a few people in your area spoil a peaceful life - make that important call and report any information you may have. Crimestoppers don't want to know who you are - they only want to know what you know."

How to give information

If you have information about who's dealing drugs in your area, contact the charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or filling in our anonymous online form.