The Crimestoppers team in Durham have had a busy summer! Some of the highlights have included:

  • Hosting a commercial cannabis seminar at Darlington College on 15th July. The event, attended by estate and letting agents and local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators, aimed to raise awareness of the signs of someone growing cannabis in a property and followed on from the hugely successful national ‘Scratch and Sniff’ campaign.
  • Attending a social cohesion seminar on 22nd July held at Beamish Hall by Cestria Housing.
  • Most exciting of all, following a presentation given by our Durham Chair Sue Knaggs, PCSO Jean Fletcher and the Durham City Shopwatch scheme kindly organised the making and selling of loom bands. Each pack of loom bands will contain literature promoting the charity and any money made will be donated to Crimestoppers locally.

We are very grateful for all the support and hard work, both from our team of tireless volunteers and all the local partners who have been instrumental in helping us show the people of Durham how important our service is.

Durham summer activity_Sep2014_950
Crimestoppers volunteer Emily Huitson at the social cohesion seminar at Beamish Hall