Areas of West London such as Kensington and Chelsea, Richmond and Chiswick are amongst the most popular residential areas in London. We are always looking to get at the heart of the local community to make a difference. 

Many businesses are key to the make-up of West London and we can help them in their own crime-fighting efforts, so do get in touch if you wish to work with us on particular campaigns to tackle your personal crime issues using our expertise and knowledge.

West London is also home to many colleges and universities, and Crimestoppers works to get the message out to young people through events such as our Money Mules initiative, where we encouraged young people to be aware of online and fake scams offering false jobs, which resulted in fraud and possibly a criminal record for the unsuspecting student.

You can give information to Crimestoppers anonymously on a range of crime issues from murder to human trafficking, so please get in touch via our Anonymous Online Form.

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Become a Crimestopper in West London and keep your community safe

The charity, currently in its 28th year, has a network of over 500 volunteers across the whole of the UK, and we're seeking out enthusiastic and willing members of the London public to join our growing family of volunteer crime-fighters.

If you would like to be a part of this amazing volunteer network in West London, please send us your details via our volunteering enquiry form and we will get in touch to see how you might be able to help us protect and enhance your West London community.

Whether your expertise is in business, the media, or maybe even fundraising, we’d love to hear from you – all we ask is that you have a passion for your area and you share our goals; that everyone deserves to live in a community free of crime.

If you are interested in becoming a Crimestoppers volunteer in London, please get in touch.

“Volunteering for Crimestoppers is a great way to actually make a difference and I’m really looking forward to getting a team of people together to make London a safer place to live and work. You can dedicate as much or as little time as you like – every little helps and your efforts will be rewarded with the satisfaction that you are playing a part in keeping your community safe.”

Crimestoppers London Campaigns Manager

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