14 December 2015

Elder Abuse Mary Physical

Crimestoppers and Essex Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston are encouraging the public to look out for elderly this Christmas.

Elder abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or general neglect and it can happen anywhere – in a care home, hospital or the victim’s own home.

Crimestoppers and the PCC have been working together this year to tackle the problem head on with the trial of an anonymous elder abuse reporting line, 0800 032 7644.

Since launching in February, it has encouraged a number of people to speak up about abuse in the county.

Help stamp out abuse

“The line has certainly made a positive impact in Essex and it has encouraged many to speak up about wrongdoing against the elderly community.

“But we also want to try and stop abuse before it happens. This is the season of goodwill and we’re asking the public to look out for the elderly – whether they’re a neighbour, friend or family member.

“We all have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable in our community, you can ensure that they are safe and receiving the care they deserve.

“Together we can help to stamp out abuse.”

- Mark Hallas, CEO of Crimestoppers

The line, which is being funded by the PCC, is manned by Crimestoppers call handlers, who pass information to the relevant Safeguarding Adults Board. Information is also passed to the police if a crime is thought to have taken place.

In the New Year promotion of the service will continue with advertisements on pharmacy bags, in Post Offices and in local newspapers.

“The abuse of our elderly is, sadly, one of the many ‘hidden harms’ taking place in our communities.

“This abuse can and does occur within care establishments but also can occur within the home and takes many forms including physical, emotional and financial abuse.

“It is incredibly traumatic for those who fall prey to this type of abuse and all too often many victims are too frightened to come forward.

“If you know or suspect someone elderly is being abused then please, do the right thing, and call the anonymous reporting line 0800 032 7644. It is only through raising awareness of this issue and taking first steps such as using this phone line that we can begin to tackle this problem.”

- Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex

Do you have information on elder abuse?

Members of the public can report anonymously by calling 0800 032 7644 or by filling in a secure online form.