We've launched a campaign to tackle relationship abuse in Bedfordshire, reassuring students and residents of Bedfordshire that it's safe to speak out about it.

Tell us anonymously about relationship abuse

 or call us 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111

What is relationship abuse?

Relationship abuse is a crime. It can be physical, sexual, psychological, mental, emotional or financial abuse and it will affect one in four women, as well as one in six men, in their lifetime. Greytopman

Domestic abuse is about power, dominance and control over vulnerable victims who are either too scared or emotionally trapped to speak out.

Speak Up. Stop relationship abuse. 100% Anonymously.

Although our anonymous service means we can't take information from victims, in many causes, neighbours, friends and even family may suspect abuse is taking place but they’re reluctant to get involved. Victims are often too afraid to speak up - we encourage those close to the victim or person responsible for the abuse to give us information anonymously, whilst still being able to openly support loved ones.

Together, we can break the cycle of domestic abuse.

Relationship abuse: Spot the Signs

Most relationships have ups and downs but there is a difference between occasional arguments or grumpiness, and abuse.  There are some warning signs you can look for to help you identify possible abuse in relationships:

Someone being abused may: Reddresslady

  • see less and less of friends and family
  • have given up activities or hobbies they enjoy doing
  • feel scared about how their partner will react
  • take the blame for things
  • feel nervous about their partner hearing your conversation with others
  • not want to express their opinions
  • feel like they have to justify themselves because their partner is jealous
  • be constantly criticized by their partner and start to feel bad about themselves
  • be made to feel uncomfortable when they disagree with their partner
  • feel manipulated when a partner is kind or gives gifts
  • change their behaviour, appearance and actions to suit a partner
  • be constantly contacted on a mobile phone by their partner

Domestic abuse typically follows a pattern whereby the tension builds before the abuse takes place. This usually increases in frequency and becomes more severe over time. It is never too late to make a change and break away from an abusive relationship.