As an independent charity, we're working with organisations in Lincolnshire as part of the county's #nomore campaign to tackle sexual violence and abuse.

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With a local reporting rate of 18% compared to the 20% national average, organisations such as the county council, police, support services and educational establishments are working together to promote local support services, and to empower people to report offences to effect change.

The campaign is particularly looking at the vulnerability of people who are in relationships where there may be sexual violence, and also focussing on the issue of consent. We want to get across that if someone is drunk or asleep, they are in no position to give consent to sexual activity - and if they say 'no' to sex, they mean it.

Lydia Patsalides, Crimestoppers’ East Midlands Regional Manager, said: “Sexual violence or abuse is never acceptable, which is why we have joined Lincolnshire's campaign to raise awareness and encourage reporting. The effects of a sexual assault can be far-reaching – affecting relationships and families – and long-lasting.

"We want to send a clear message that consent is an essential part of sex and without it, an offence is committed. Crimestoppers is an independent charity and anyone with information about a sexual offence can report it to us on 0800 555 111 or online via our anonymous online form.

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Hayley Child, Sexual Violence Strategy Co-Ordinator for Lincolnshire County Council
, said:"We recognise that for whatever reason, people may not want or feel able to report incidents to the police, and Crimestoppers offers an excellent way to anonymously pass on intelligence that could prevent similar offences."

“You can find out more about the #nomore campaign at We also want survivors to be aware that there are other support services available, which they can find a list of at”