During the past year Crimestoppers' Leicestershire & Rutland Committee has been involved in a number of acitivities that have not only raised thousands of pounds for the charity but have helped to spread vital awareness of Crimestoppers' work.

Committee Chair Romail Gulzar talks about the successes, and the local people who've made them happen.

"I was extremely honoured to be appointed the Leicestershire and Rutland Crimestoppers UK chairman 12 months ago and I am very thankful to be part of such of a supportive committee, who have really made some positive developments over the last year.

Driving Crimestoppers forward

"My role started off as quite a challenge but myself and other volunteers have put in the hard work and dedication to drive the charity forward and I’m very proud and excited for the future of the committee.

"I’m very thankful to all the volunteers who have appeared across the county at local events and cultural festivals such as Diwali, where they spread more awareness of Crimestoppers to a diverse audience, and Leicester’s Got Talent, where we reach out to younger members of the community.

Spreading awareness

"I am proud of the two successful charity event curry nights, which raised a total of £2,000 combined. But, for me, it’s less about the money and more about spreading the awareness of Crimestoppers to more and more people.

"I’m thrilled to have gained more volunteers over the past 12 months who have dedicated their time and efforts to the charity, which, again, is helping to spread the vital awareness.

Thank you

"I would like to thank the original and national manager who has given their utmost support over the past year; to Regional Manager David Hunter, who has been the acting manager to the committee.  Thanks also to Vic Sethi for your constant moral support and patronage to the charity. I would also like to welcome on board Robert Vivian, newly appointed Vice Chair, who will start his new role from April. Finally, a huge thank you to the team at Pukaar News, who have also been a great support.

"On behalf of myself and my committee I wish you all a happy Easter."

- Romail Gulzar, Chairman of Crimestoppers' Leicestershire and Rutland Committee