Mobile phone safety

Mobile phone safety

Keeping your phone safe

We use our mobile phone for lots of things nowadays, including banking and diary management. If your phone isn't protected by security, losing your phone could mean thieves get access to your personal information.

Follow these simple steps to protect your mobile phone.

1. Use the security features provided

Most mobile phones have security features that are designed to stop people accessing a phone and using it, should it be stolen. In order for these security features to work you need to switch them on/put them in place:

The security features include:

  • creating a PIN code that locks your handset
  • tracing the location of, wiping data from, or locking your handset
  • remotely using another internet enabled device.

The table below outlines some of the security features on offer from major mobile phone manufacturers:

Vendor/OS  PIN  Locate handset  Wipe data  Block handset  
Prevent unauthorised
reset of security features
Apple × × × × ×
Blackberry × × × × ×
LG × × × × ×
Samsung × × × × ×
Sony × × × ×  
Windows × × ×    


For further details about what is available, please follow the relevant links to the manufacturer's website below:






Windows Phone

2. Know how to identify your mobile phone if it is stolen

Each handset manufactured for use in the UK has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) hardwired into it during the manufacturing process. Knowing the IMEI will help the police identify your handset should it be stolen. UK network operators will also prevent a stolen handset from working across their respective networks if you can
tell them the IMEI.

You can find your handset's IMEI by:

  • Typing *#06# into the keypad of your handset
  • OR looking inside the battery or SIM card compartment of your handset
  • OR looking on the side of the box, or on the associated paperwork, that you received when purchasing the handset

3. Be aware of your surroundings

Take a look at how easy it can be for a thief to take your mobile from an open bag:

Consider the following when protecting your handset from opportunist

  • Ensure you know where your phone is when you are in a busy location. Train stations, shopping centers - these places are popular with pickpockets especially if your handset is visible in an open bag or hanging out of your back pocket.
  • Think about when you use your phone – outside train and underground stations are popular places for snatch theft
  • Never leave your mobile unattended in a public place

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