Can you identify this couple?

Crime type:
Criminal damage
Crime location:
South Hylton Metro Station, Sunderland
CS reference:
Police force:
British Transport Police


Wanted for criminal damage

Full details

British Transport Police (BTP) would like to speak to this couple about the criminal damage caused to a Metro train when it was sprayed with graffiti whilst standing at South Hylton Metro Station.

Investigating officer, PC Gavin Alcorn, said: “The people who decided to graffiti the Metro train put their lives at risk by trespassing on the tracks. By painting on the side of the train, they have also committed criminal damage and cost the train operator, and ultimately the passengers, money to clean up the graffiti – which also can cause delays to services as trains are taken out of action.

Suspect description

If you would like to speak to the police directly

Police force:
British Transport Police
Police reference:
516 of 07/03/17
Contact phone:
0800 40 50 40