Dominic McINALLY

Crime type:
Drug crime
Suspect name:
Dominic McINALLY
CS reference:
Police force:
Other Law Enforcement


McINALLY is accused of supplying cocaine

Full details

Dominic McINALLY is the alleged leader of a drug trafficking gang that expected to bank £1.25m every month. Members of the gang travelled to the border of France and Belgium to pick up a six kilos of cocaine.

The package, secreted in a hidden compartment inside a Seat Leon car, was intercepted by police officers when they swooped on the gang near Crosby in January 2014. McINALLY evaded capture.

Five members of the gang have received sentences totalling 48 years.

Suspect description

Suspect name:
Dominic McINALLY
Age range:
25 - 30
175 - 180 cm (approx 5' 10")
Hair colour:
Additional information:
McINALLY is of proportionate build. He is from Liverpool and his dob is 07/01/1991.