Paul Edwards - HMRC Most Wanted

Crime type:
Other crime
Suspect name:
Paul Edwards
Alan Clarke, Alan Heaton, Michael Heaton, Alan Marshall, Alan David Marshall, Paul Marshall, Alan Rutt, Alan Thomas and Alan David White
CS reference:
Police force:
Other Law Enforcement


Edwards is wanted for VAT fraud.

Full details

Edwards was charged with involvement in an alleged VAT fraud worth £35,000 between late 2012 and early 2013. He absconded on the first day of his trial in July 2014. He is believed to have used numerous aliases and as a result HMRC would value the public’s assistance in locating this individual. The estimated cost to the taxpayer is £35,000.


Edwards is believed to be in the UK.

Suspect description

Suspect name:
Paul Edwards
Age range:
60 - 65
Additional information:
Edwards is a UK citizen.