Crimestoppers works in close partnership with every UK Police force, the Regional Police Intelligence Units and with other law enforcement agencies such as the National Crime Agency (formerly the Serious Organised Crime Agency).

From time to time, a particular series of offences or type of offender may become prevalent, and thanks to your support, Crimestoppers Most Wanted has become a major influence in both deterring crimes by causing offenders to fear exposure, and also in assisting law enforcement both in the UK and on the Continent to arrest serious criminals that form a part of serious organised crime groups.

Criminals on the run

Take for instance our Operation Captura. Live since 2006, this has been responsible for targeting UK based criminals that have fled to Spain to live their lives comfortably on the back of their criminal activities back in the UK. To date, 86 such criminals have been featured and 65 of them arrested, making Spain a place that is not big enough to hide in.

Our other international campaigns, Operation Return in Holland and Operation Zygos in Southern Cyprus, have also made those countries too small to hide in for UK criminals.

We also work with our partners in the UK, to highlight types of crimes and criminals that need particular attention.

To see individuals wanted as part of some of our operations, visit Most Wanted.