Crimestoppers has launched an innovative and imaginative campaign entitled ‘#putpockets’ to highlight the dangers and raise awareness of pickpocketing across the UK.

Everyday over 1,700 people have something taken from their pocket or bag, which is why Crimestoppers and agency OgilvyOne, responsible for putting together the video below, are highlighting this issue.

You can find out more about the video and some of the statistics concerning pick pocketing here.


What is #putpockets all about?

Friends and partners talk about what #putpockets hopes to achieve

#putpockets leaflets

Are you visiting this page because you found a #putpockets leaflet in your bag, or on your person? You’re now far more aware of just how clever pickpockets are, which will reduce your chances of falling victim to a real pickpocket in the future.

PickpocketsHow does this work?

The Normalcy Bias refers to a phase people enter when making a decision. It causes us to underestimate the possibility of an event occurring and its possible effects.  In short, we never believe it will happen to us.

Unlike posters and leaflets you’d pick up, the #putpockets experiment eliminates the effects of the Normalcy Bias by demonstrating that anyone can fall victim to a pickpocket, even you.

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