Are you into flying? Do you spend time at airfields? By reporting suspicious activity, you could help to prevent illegal smuggling of people, drugs or firearms, immigration crime and terrorism.

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Border crime causes immense harm to the UK and, because not every plane and airstrip can be monitored 24 hours a day, the aviation community can play a vital role in preventing it and maintaining a safe community.

Crimestoppers has been around as an independent charity for 29 years, and in all that time we have never broken our guarantee of your anonymity. You can tell us what you know 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - any time, free.

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So, what suspicious activity should you look out for?

Have you spotted:

  • Reconnaissance - attempts to test or research security around an airfield?
  • People buying equipment, chemicals, uniforms, badges?
  • Suspicious deliveries?
  • People in the wrong place or behaving oddly?
  • Odd patterns of aircraft hiring?
  • Signs of disguised continuation flights or deviations from plan?
  • Strange or fraudulent patterns of payment?

The aircraft

  • Has the aircraft been modified?
  • Is the aircraft carrying extra fuel?
  • Has it been to remote destinations or isolated airfields?
  • Does it regularly suffer minor damage?
  • Is the aircraft muddy when only tarmac strips are on the flight plans?
  • Has it landed short of its notified destination?

The pilot

Ask yourself, is the pilot:

  • Nervous or vulnerable to pressure?
  • Being evasive about passengers, flights, routes?
  • Taking unnecessary risks?
  • Flying at the edge of their capabilities or damaging aircraft too often?
  • Disregarding weather conditions?
  • Pushing their luck on short airstrips or in low light?
  • Ignoring aviation regulations or filing misleading or false General Aviation Reports or flight plans?

The cargo

  • Is there any concealed cargo?
  • Have you seen packages being dropped from low- flying aircraft?
  • Are items being handled suspiciously?