The prevention and detection of child sexual exploitation remains one of the leading priorities for the Home Office and all police forces

Working with leading international safeguarding professionals and West Yorkshire Police, we've created a comprehensive package which includesCs _a 3 Landscape _web material, guidance and access to experts at the forefront of child sexual exploitation research and policy. 

What's different about this package?

Whilst many areas have focused on the victim, this new package has been developed to focus on the perpetrator and their behavioural patterns - it's designed to provide you, as a safeguarding professional, with strategies to help you recognise and understand the signs of "on street" child sexual exploitation. 

Who is this package suitable for?

Anyone working in a safeguarding environment, for example: police; local safeguarding boards; social care; the NHS and education sector. 

How do I find out more and purchase the package?

For more information about the On Street Sexual Exploitation Package and Perpetrator Campaign, and to find out costings for this package, please contact Crimestoppers.

This package includes:

  • Educational materials for safeguarding professionals 
  • Conference materials and resources (including three speakers)
  • Documentary for professionals 

Find out about the first conference delivered with West Yorkshire Police using the package.