Ways to volunteer

Volunteers help us to do great things every day, from running local campaigns to fundraising

Ways to volunteer

We have volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and interests. What do our volunteers all have in common?  They are determined to make our communities safer. 

Whatever time you have available, we have a selection of volunteer opportunities available.

I can volunteer occasionally (more than once a month but less than 1 hour every week)

Events Assistant opportunities

From stalls at university open days to seminars on crime issues like child sexual exploitation, we regularly need Volunteers to help out at events. Find your volunteering opportunity today.

Social Media opportunities

Most of our regions (and some of our committees) have their own Twitter accounts. If you’ve got experience in writing and checking social media for a group, company or another charity then this opportunity could be right for you.

I’ve got 1-2 hours a week

Volunteer Team (committee) opportunities

A good team is made up of people with different skills. You may have a skill that you use at work that you can contribute as a Volunteer, or you may be great at organising events for friends and family.

If you are good at raising money, writing, planning or talking to people from different backgrounds then we’d love you to volunteer with us.

I’ve got 2-5+ hours a week

Local project opportunities

Different issues affect different areas: our local projects help us to understand the impact that crimes have on communities. If you enjoy learning about other people, and finding solutions to problems, find out about our project volunteering opportunities or learn more meet Nosheen, project volunteer in Birmingham.

Volunteer Team (committee) leadership opportunities

Each committee is like a mini charity: committees have their own budget, decide which issues they’d like to focus on in the local area and work with the Regional Manager in that area. Leadership roles on committees include a chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary, Events Co-Ordinator, Community Ambassador and treasurer. Being in a leadership role on a committee can help to develop your interpersonal skills, organisational skills and ability to plan.

One week you could be organising a fundraising dinner at the local hotel, the next you could be meeting with a group of men in a barber shop to talk about the impact of knife crime in their neighbourhood. You don’t have to have any special qualifications to be in a committee leadership role, just a commitment to making your community safer. Find your volunteering opportunity today.

Opportunities for volunteers who have previous experience with Crimestoppers

Interested in helping to organise and shape Crimestoppers locally? We also have strategic boards - meet Carole, London Strategic Board volunteer.

These opportunities allow for volunteers with long term volunteering experience with Crimestoppers, or specialist knowledge and skills.   You can be involved in your local strategic or advisory board supporting local sub-committees on relevant operations and campaigns.

Research opportunities

From looking at crimes that affect different areas to researching blog topics for the Crimestoppers website, there are lots of opportunities to develop your research skills.

General office opportunities

This includes filing, preparing lists and other basic office tasks. Great for improving your office skills.

Can I volunteer at your contact centre where they take calls?

No, there are no opportunities at the contact centre. We often look for call agents to join our team of staff, though – take a look at current job vacancies.


Whatever your interest or skill, we’d love for you to join us in making communities safer.

Find your volunteering opportunity today