Crimestoppers Partnerships & Fundraising Ethics Policy



Crimestoppers is actively engaged in fundraising and receives support from a number of sources. There are occasions when it is not possible for Crimestoppers to accept such support.

This policy has been devised to ensure clarity and openness to all our stakeholders. It is designed to address sponsorship, corporate partnerships and cause related marketing.

Crimestoppers commitment to address ethical issues

Crimestoppers actively seeks opportunities to work together with external organisations to achieve shared objectives. However, it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow external partnerships to bring the name of Crimestoppers into disrepute.

Crimestoppers seeks, as far as is practical and within the constraints of UK law:

  • Initiatives that do not compromise the independent status of Crimestoppers
  • To ensure that the activities of organisations we work with are consistent with our organisational values

Partnership criteria

Crimestoppers accepts financial support from and works in partnership with companies, individuals or other organisations in accordance with following criteria:

  • There are strong grounds for believing it will result in a benefit to Crimestoppers and its stakeholders
  • There is no attempt on the part of the external partner to influence Crimestoppers policy or actions either explicitly or implicitly
  • That initiatives do not compromise the independence of Crimestoppers
  • That Crimestoppers will not incur a level of criticism from the media, public or any other relevant community that would result in serious damage to its reputation
  • That the partnership would not jeopardise existing and future relationships with partners or supporters
  • That a full risk assessment has been undertaken by Crimestoppers

Cause related marketing, affinity marketing and product endorsements

Crimestoppers does not endorse or approve products or companies, and a statement to this effect will be included alongside any branding or promotion associated with products.

Crimestoppers will not promote any products or services unless published research has shown direct benefit to its beneficiaries.

Only Crimestoppers and its subsidiaries have direct access to its databases. Sanitised information may be made available to law enforcement agencies and approved partners. All information sharing is governed by our Information Sharing Policy, which has been agreed by law enforcement.


Crimestoppers believes that benefits to both partners can be enhanced if it has input into policy issues at the commercial organisation. To this end, for substantial partners Crimestoppers will seek to establish a formal process for consultation.