Read the signs and pass on information about labour trafficking

We are asking the UK public for help in the fight against human trafficking by passing on information anonymously about forced labour exploitation. Human trafficking is the second most profitable crime type in the world, second only to drugs, with an annual trade value of around $150 billion.

In 2015, 3,266 men, women and children were identified as potential victims of human trafficking in the UK - a 40% increase on 2014's figure. Without your help, this figure will continue to rise. The most common exploitation type recorded for potential victims was labour exploitation. 

Working alongside the UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC), led by the National Crime Agency (NCA), we are encouraging the public to pass on any information they might have, no matter how small, about those committing this serious crime.

We do not record phone calls or personal details and computer IP addresses cannot be traced. In 25 years, we have never compromised the anonymity of anyone who has passed information to us.

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Help us in the fight against human trafficking by watching and sharing our video, mention #ReadTheSigns and join the discussion on Twitter to encourage those in the know to pass on any information to us, safe in the knowledge we will never disclose the identity of any caller.

Read the signs

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Learn to spot the signs of forced labour

How to read the signs of labour exploitation

  • Have you noticed heavy security personnel at the premises in question? (This could be a factory, farm or construction site)
  • Are there barred windows, locked doors or electronic surveillance cameras?
  • Does it look like people are living and working at the same address?
  • Are the ‘workers’ driven in between premises?
  • Victims are often forced to live in cramped and/or overcrowded conditions
  • They are collected very early and/or returned late at night on a regular basis
  • May have inappropriate clothing for the work they are performing, and/or a lack of safety equipment
  • Victims physical appearance may show signs of injury, malnourishment, and their general appearance may be unkempt
  • They may be isolated from the local community and/or appear to be under the control or influence of others

If you have any suspicions about forced labour exploitation, domestic servitude or any other crime associated with human trafficking please contact us anonymously on 0800 555 111 or submit information via our Anonymous Online Form.

Working with the UKHTC

The UKHTC is a multi-agency organisation led by the National Crime Agency. It provides a central point of expertise and coordination in relation to the UK’s response to the trafficking of human beings.

Liam Vernon, Deputy Head of the UKHTC, said: "Human trafficking is an appalling crime that has devastating effects on its victims who are often the most vulnerable people in our society. Investigating this type of exploitation is a challenge to us all as victims are often unseen by society. There could be many more out there which is why, together with Crimestoppers and the police, the UKHTC wants to raise awareness and help the public understand the signs to look out for."

If you think you are or have been a victim of human trafficking, there are charities and organisations who can help you: