Crimestoppers and the Electoral Commission are urging voters not to stand for electoral fraud during the upcoming elections in May and June.

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We're aiming to educate everyone about the signs of fraud, and to encourage you to report anything that may be an offence.


It's our right to vote freely however we want, without anyone doing anything to stop us.


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Intimidating voters

It’s electoral fraud to threaten someone with injury, damage or harm if they vote, or don’t vote. Tell us if you've seen someone threatened or harmed.

Bribing voters

It’s illegal to offer money or gifts to voters, directly or indirectly, to get someone to vote a certain way, or not to vote at all. Know of someone offering bribes? Tell us about it.

Stealing postal or proxy votes

It’s illegal to apply for a proxy or postal vote using false details or under false pretences. It’s also against the law to deny someone the postal vote to which they’re entitled. Know of this going on? Tell us.

Voting as someone else

Pretending to be someone else in order to use their vote is committing electoral fraud, whether that person is alive, dead or completely fictional. Do you know of this happening? The penalty can be up to two years in prison - give us your information.

Other types of electoral fraud

These include:

• Tampering with ballot papers or postal ballot packs

• Making false allegations against Returning Officers and staff

• Asking someone to reveal their ballot paper – these must remain secret

You can tell us anonymously if you know of any of these happening.

Find out more about what's acceptable - and what isn't - when it comes to voting


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