Preventing alcohol fraud

Teaming up with The Wine & Spirit Trade Association to protect consumers and uncover alcohol fraud.


The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) represents over 300 companies who produce, import, export, transport and sell wines and spirits in the United Kingdom. 

They campaign for a vibrant and sustainable wine and spirit industry, helping to build a future in which alcohol is produced, sold and enjoyed responsibly.


This is the second campaign we have run with the WSTA. This time our objective was to make people aware of fake alcohol and the effects it can have on consumers’ health–primarily fake vodka.


We set up a reporting line for WSTA members, and members of the public to call, as well as an online reporting form and used this campaign as its launchpad. Both enable us to receive information 100% anonymously.
We ran a 4-week targeted digital marketing campaign using Facebook, Twitter and mobile advertising.


  • Dedicated integrity line for people to provide information anonymously
  • Bespoke campaign assets and tailored messaging
  • Digital advertising through paid social media posts (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Organic social media messaging (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Dedicated campaign homepage
  • Targeted mobile advertising
  • Press release to the relevant target audiences


  • Press and publicity activity reached approximately 79,368 people
  • Impressions via social media (Facebook & Twitter): 22,797
  • Mobile advertising impressions: 31,251
  • Collation and distribution of reports to relevant organisations who are equipped to address the information received

What they had to say:

“Working with Crimestoppers has been very positive. We knew what we wanted to achieve from our campaign and their expertise enabled us to realise our goals. We needed to ensure our messages reached the right audience at the most pertinent time, so Crimestoppers developed high quality messaging, ensured they used previous learnings, and the relevant social media and digital platforms to enable us to do this. We’ve learned a lot about the illicit alcohol market, and consumers are now far more aware of the issue, which allows them to protect themselves from the dangers of this type of crime.”

Miles Beale, CEO, WSTA