Identity theft or identity fraud is when someone steals your name and other personal information. They steal financial information to use to make purchases and transactions in the victim’s name. It can take months to realise that the fraud is taking place and longer still to recover what they have taken. 

Identity fraud is often linked to organised criminal networks as a means for funding some of their larger scams.  It is also found to be closely linked to human trafficking, money-laundering, terrorism and drugs. 


Before giving out personal information ask yourself:

  • Who is asking for my details?
  • What details are they asking for?
  • Why do they need to know these details?
  • Have they verified who they say they are?
  • Would the person they claim to be genuinely request that information?
  • Have I disposed securely of any personal or financial information, including receipts?

If you have any suspicions, don’t give out your details until you’ve checked everything out.  If you suspect anyone is committing identity fraud please contact Crimestoppers anonymously