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Is organised crime running a commercial cannabis farm in your neighbourhood?

Is a cannabis farm funding organised crime in your community?

Cannabis farms grow violence and organised crime in communities

Cannabis can harm individuals and communities. When it is organised criminal gangs that are growing it, they can bring further crime into your neighbourhood.

Human trafficking

Sometimes people working in the ‘farms’ have been victims of human trafficking who are working there against their will or vulnerable members of the public intimidated into working for a criminal gang.

You can tell if there is a problem

Gangs don’t want to draw attention to the houses or flats they use as farms. They’re often quiet and unassuming and they can look just like any other home at first glance. However, there are signs that there is a cannabis farm in your area.

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In the space of four years, the number of cannabis farms detected by the police in the UK increased by more than 150%.  How much did it go up in your area?  You can use our interactive map below to see the change in your area over this four year period.  There are 17 police forces participating in the 2014 campaign, and we have marked these on the map – click on the red dots to see an example of serious and organised crime linked to cannabis cultivation. 

If you live in a police force area that is not highlighted, we will still take information on cannabis cultivation from you anonymously.   

This campaign is supported by the Home Office and the National Policing Lead for cannabis.

How can you tell if there’s a cannabis farm near you?

  • A strong and sickly sweet smell
  • Equipment to grow cannabis being taken into a house. For example, lighting and ventilation equipment.
  • Constantly covered or blocked-off windows. Cannabis factories often have constantly pulled curtains, black-out blinds or foil coverings.
  • Unsociable coming and going at all hours or neighbours you never see.
  • Strong and constant lighting day and night.
  • High levels of heat and condensation. Cannabis factories often give off heat and the windows stay misted up.
  • Constant buzz of ventilation. Listen out for a whirring sound as the growers try to create an ideal climate for the plants to grow.
  • Lots of power cables. Gangs dig underground to lay cables that hook up to things like lamp posts so they don’t have to pay for the enormous amounts of electricity they use. They can easily bypass a £20,000 utility bill.

Tell us where they are, not who you are

If you spot any of the signs that there may be a cannabis farm in your community you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or use our Anonymous Online Form. You will not be asked any personal details and neither your telephone number nor IP address will not be traced or recorded.