Sussex Crimestoppers is the local representation of the Crimestoppers and works within the overall national framework. Our work is complimentary to the work of the national charity, but with a specific local focus, working towards a vision of Sussex as:

“A county where people confidently accept their social responsibility to give information on crime and are comfortable to pass information through Crimestoppers’ anonymous channels.”

We are currently looking for volunteers to join our committee, in particular people who could:


  • Undertake the role of Committee Secretary
  • Manage and update the Sussex Pages on Crimestoppers’ website
  • Develop partnerships
  • Develop and implement an ‘Ambassador’ scheme
  • Plan and manage events for our corporate suppporters
  • Prepare and maintain our annual plan of activities
  • Act as fundraiser for our committee.

Our regional pages for Sussex provide news and information on local campaigns, events and activities. There is also information on our patrons, other supporters, who we are and how you could get involved in making Sussex safer.

How do you give information to Crimestoppers and remain anonymous?

We believe that anyone with information about a crime should ideally report it to the police, although we accept that some people are nervous of this. To help you feel supported to give information, we actively endorse the anonymous Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 freephone service and Anonymous Online Form. These enable people to pass information about crime completely anonymously and with no fear of identification. We guarantee anonymity, which means that no-one can ever find out who gave information about crime. If you want to know more about what happens when you call us, check out our video 'What happens when I call Crimestoppers?'.

Supporting Sussex Crimestoppers in your community

We undertake a range of local campaigns and other initiatives to raise awareness of crime and encourage its reporting. All activity is focussed on the needs and priorities of our communities and, whenever appropriate, it reflects the crime prevention and policing priorities of Sussex Police and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

The impact of Sussex Crimestoppers

Our activity costs money, but we receive no central funding and have to raise funds for our work from within our own communities. Information relating to crimes of all types is regularly passed from Crimestoppers to Sussex Police, helping to solve crime and make Sussex a safer place. Our anonymity guarantee prevents the publication of detailed local statistics, but Sussex police acknowledge that information from Crimestoppers has contributed a range of successful outcomes.