North East ACE Team

The North East Asset Confiscation Enforcement (ACE) Team is part of a national initiative set up to increase the enforcement of outstanding confiscation orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, after it was recognised that agencies were very good at getting courts to issue confiscation orders, but that there was little done with regard to enforcement.

The team covers the four Yorkshire Forces of South Yorkshire, Humberside, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire - plus Durham, Cleveland and Northumbria. Like other ACE teams, they work in conjunction with other agencies such as Trading Standards, DWP, RSPCA and the Insolvency Agency.

Not only does the ACE team work towards realising assets that were known about at the time of the initial confiscation order, but they also look at new assets that may have been acquired by the defendant since any criminal conviction, or which were not known about at that time.

If any such assets are found (and these don’t have to have come from crime - they could be an inheritance or a lottery win, for example), then the team will ask the court to uplift the confiscation order to the full value of what they call the benefit figure.

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