Give anonymous information about waste crime as Environment Agency publish annual Waste Crime Report

Crimestoppers and the Environment Agency have worked in partnership since April 2011 to engage the public in tackling environmental crimes.

Today, the Environment Agency has published their annual Waste Crime Report which looks into the current status of waste crime and their efforts to tackle it.

Waste crime, such as illegal waste sites and dumping, can pose a real threat to the environment, contaminating land and rivers with oil and toxic chemicals. They can also pose a risk to human health and blight communities, threatening air quality with toxic fumes from illegally burnt materials and by causing noise and odour problems from operations near homes and schools.

They also harm the economy by taking profits away from legitimate businesses and damaging their reputation. The costs involved in clearing up the mess caused by an illegal site are also considerable to the local authorities.

If you know anything about waste crime contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling us on 0800 555 111 or by filling out our Anonymous Online Form.

During 2012/13 the Environment Agency stopped illegal activity on illegal waste sites every 90 minutes – every working day. Read more on their website.

What happens when you report a waste crime?

Cracking down on waste crime

Tackling waste crime

A short animation showing the work that Crimestoppers and the Environment Agency do to tackle waste crime.