6 October 2016

Fearless, the youth service of the independent national charity Crimestoppers, is working with local partners to reduce knife crime in the Gloucestershire area by running workshops aimed at secondary school children that help educate them about the issue.

Knife Crime

The new ‘Fearless from Knife Crime’ free sessions are delivered by our specialist youth worker, Leon Hobson, and predominantly aimed at year 8 secondary school pupils in their school setting. There is then the possibility of working with reformed prisoners who act as pupil mentors, via our partner Great Expectations and alongside Leon, to give young people an insight into their lives and the consequences of being involved with knife crime.

So far, the response from young people at these schools has been extremely positive with comments ranging from “this has definitely changed my understanding of crime” to “I feel a lot safer now and feel like I can tell people if I’m worried about something”.


Fearless Gloucestershire is delighted to work in partnership with Great Expectations, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Safer Gloucestershire, Skillzone, Gloucestershire Council and Green Square Housing, who also work hard with young people to address this issue.

James Alderidge, Project Lead for Green Square Housing, said: “These workshops are very informative and thought-provoking. The content is well-balanced and perfect for the target group of young people. 

“In the session that I saw, the young people engaged really well and the videos brought home the message to them. It was all light-hearted and fun, but still managed to get the serious nature of this issue across.”

Emily Van der Lely, Regional Manager for Crimestoppers in Gloucestershire, said: “We are keen to get the message out to young people that carrying a knife is neither cool nor a good idea in terms of self-protection. The Fearless programme is specially designed to educate young people, helping them to make informed choices and encouraging them to speak out about crime.”

Teachers can download free educational resources from our fearless.org website that provides exercises for Key Stage 3 and 4 around knife crime which can be used to stimulate debate and get people talking about the issue. They can also book a free ‘Fearless from Knife Crime’ session by contacting our Fearless youth worker Leon Hobson at leon.hobson@crimestoppers-uk.org.