In March 2016, we worked in partnership with West Yorkshire Police to deliver a conference to professionals around the issues of On Street child sexual exploitation.

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The first On Street child sexual exploitation conference

The conference in Halifax, which took place on National CSE Awareness Day (March 18th), was held to raise awareness of offender behaviours, signs to spot and pathways of support.  Approximately 250 delegates were in attendance, from a range of professions, where they had the opportunity to listen to and engage with expert speakers, to understand perpetrator behaviours and to learn the signs to look out for in their day-to-day workings. These agencies and organisations have been empowered to better look at, listen to and identify these behaviours in their roles, and been given the confidence to guide members of the public with whom they come into contact.

Here's a sample of some of the discussions which took place about different types of offenders, their behaviour and how they present themselves:

Look out for On Street sexual offenders working at three different levels

The Hook

Usually younger attractive males who have the ability to impress potential victims with cars, money, lifestyle etc. They may post as a 'boyfriend' before passing the victim on to others.

The Predator

Usually older males involved in committing sexual offences with victims passed on by the 'hook'. There is an inappropriate age difference between them and the victims and they are likely to have a sexual interest in children.

The Coordinator

They arrange sex parties and organise the transport of victims to locations. They may also have a sexual interest in children.

Recognise the behaviours

The way a person acts might indicate that they could be an offender. They will try to control children or young people using Violence, Intimidation, Persuasion or Aggression (VIPA). Offenders often start by befriending young people, who don't see themselves as victims.

The four ways they present themselves

The Appeaser: Appears to say a lot, Motivation is unclear, Anxious to please

The Protester: Tries to corrupt others, Aggressive when challenged, Appears threatening

The Collaborator: Responsive to questions, Volunteers information, Overly friendly

The Dodger: Offers little information, Gives long convoluted answers, Stories are inconsistent.