Crimestoppers youth brand Fearless made an appearance at the Safeguarding week in Bradford during the first week of October 2013.

Fearless encourages and empowers young people to provide potentially crime-stopping information with the security of complete anonymity.  The website has been created, with the help of young people, to educate and empower a generation with the knowledge that they have a choice to be fearless against crime.

Gemma Wilson, Crimestoppers Regional Manager for Yorkshire and Humberside, said: "Fearless, like Crimestoppers, provides an outlet for youths to let us know about crime, as they're often wary of reporting it through other means, such as police, parents and teachers.  Without Fearless, this information may never be shared.  In addition to being a reporting mechanism, Fearless plays a much bigger role as it is also an educational service which helps young people understand the impacts of crime and what they can do to steer away from criminal activity".

Be Fearless against crime

Fearless in Bradford_Oct13_830

Young people who attended the Safeguarding week were provided with Fearless products, a USB stick, phone stylus and calling card, in an aim to provide a reminder to young people, whilst using the products, that they can speak out about crime in their community, whilst still remaining anonymous.  

We hope that this will raise the profile of Fearless in the Bradford and West Yorkshire area, and provide them with a service they can understand and trust.

This project also aims to educate young people on understanding and recognising the signs of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), a topic which has received much media attention. 

Until recently, there had been little understanding of CSE, but it is now a key priority for the police, safeguarding boards and other partner agencies and charities, including Crimestoppers.

Tell us what you know, not who you are

To report information about a crime, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or using our Anonymous Online Form, we guarantee anonymity, and have done so for over 25 years.