Independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is supporting PanicGuard, the mobile-based personal safety service, in a ground-breaking initiative, utilising each organisation’s area of expertise to help individuals and communities fight crime.

 PanicGuard enables a user’s smartphone to act as an advanced personal alarm, which when activated, signals an alert for help to a Crimestoppers-supported Alarm Receiving Centre (“ARC”).

 The ARC responds immediately – calling the user to verify their situation. If there is no answer after three calls or if the evidence suggests a threat to life, the ARC immediately contacts police in the local area to respond to the incident.

 An anonymous user of the service, who was being stalked by her husband after they separated, also backed PanicGuard, stating that she now feels safer when she leaves her house.

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For more information on PanicGuard’s service or to sign up call 0845 600 8450 or visit