Humberside Crimestoppers and Hull City Council join forces to fund a graffiti art project at a new skate park in North Hull.

Route One, a youth centre in North Hull run by the Adult, Children and Family Services of Hull City Council, engaged the services of freelance graphic designer, Simon Crook, to work on the project in May 2014. The aim was to engage with local youths and encourage them to be 'Fearless' against crime, as well as taking care of their own space.

Hull skate park_May13_768The project included several evening workshops in the run up to the Easter holidays, followed by the graffiti at the park during the Easter break. Fifteen young people, aged thirteen to nineteen, took part in the workshops, with nine taking part in the spray on the day.

Crimestoppers Regional Manager, Gemma Wilson, said: "This has been a great initiative to get the Fearless message out to young people, whilst also allowing their creativity to come alive by putting their own slant on our youth brand's logo. It's important to be able to engage with young people in a way which they find both interesting and educational".

The overall project was a great success with opportunities during the workshops to promote 'Fearless', which was used as a key message in the artwork. A great result for raising awareness in the local community.

Fearless encourages and empowers young people to provide potentially crime-stopping information with the security of complete anonymity. The Fearless website was created, with the help of young people, to educate and empower a generation with the knowledge that they have a choice to be fearless against crime.

Tell us what you know, not who you are

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