Humberside Crimestoppers joined forces with Humberside Police and Bridlington Town Council to launch the One Voice campaign on Tuesday 19 March in Bridlington [25 March 2013].

Launched at The Spa, this is a campaign encouraging the people of Bridlington to speak out about crime in their community, and the fact that it only takes ‘One Voice’ to make all the difference.  

The joint initiative aims at reducing crime through partnership working and community engagement.

It was a very well attended launch, with the PCC Matthew Grove attending, local councillors, business people and members of the local authorities.

There were presentations from the Chair of Humberside Crimestoppers committee, Frank Duffield; Inspectors from Humberside Police, Alan Farrow and Grant Taylor and Councillor Liam Dealtry.

In addition to Dave Hunter, Crimestoppers North East Regional Manager and Gemma Wilson, the charity's Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Manager who also presented.

Everybody was extremely positive and it was an excellent day.