BikeSupport Mark Stevenson, volunteer Chairman for Crimestoppers' West Midlands Region and for the committee in Warwickshire, who is cycling 100 miles in a day to raise funds for the charity because of the fantastic work carried out in the community.

Mark said: "I had a little health scare a month ago that made me realise my lifestyle wasn’t the best.

"Anyone that knows me knows I WAS a 20-a-day smoker and I enjoyed more than most a good night out.

"The health scare made me realise I needed to change the way I lived and introduce more exercise, but like a lot of people I hate exercise and find it boring. So I needed a challenge or a goal to get me there.

"I believe that feeling safe in our own homes or places of work or at social events is paramount to a happy, close-knit community so I decided that I would try to raise money for Crimestoppers.

"Crimestoppers is the only independent charity in the UK whose core purpose is to obtain information about criminals that the police would not already know. They do this anonymously. This allows relatives, friends, neighbours or even competitors of the criminals to pass on information without the fear of identification. More importantly this allows those that seriously fear the criminals or have fear of reprisals from criminal gangs or groups to have their say on how safe they deserve to be.

"I know this is an unusual charity to choose but believe me the work they do is very important and cannot be matched by any other organisation. Please give generously and encourage me to match the goal of 100 miles on a bike in one day."

Visit Mark's Just Giving page and help Crimestoppers make a difference: