Dorset Crimestoppers Chairman, Russell Oaten, spoke recently to a well attended meeting of Throop and Muscliff residents and members of the local Homewatch.

He recounted the early formation of Crime Stoppers in America, the foundation of Crimestoppers in the UK and the growing success locally and nationally in crime prevention and bringing criminals to court, both here and those living abroad.

Among topics highlighted were several campaigns organised and run in the county including drug awareness in schools and the community, violence in the home, anti-social behaviour and warnings against 'doorstep' crime, telephone scams and victimisation of the elderly and vulnerable.

Above all, the importance of being able to report crime, or anything likely to lead to a criminal act, anonymously and with the expectation of a fast response by the police. Russell emphasised that no one should underestimate the importance of making the call no matter how trivial it might seem, as that information may be the crucial last piece of the jigsaw that could result in a successful prosecution or even prevent a crime being committed.

Many thanks to PC Mike Wheadon for arranging the meeting.

Finally a reminder that members of the Crimestoppers team are very happy to talk at meetings of Watch groups, clubs and organisations.

To arrange a speaker from Crimestoppers at your meeting:-

Please call Dorset Crimestoppers committee member David Tharby on 01305 263732 or email for more information.