Dorset police are working with Crimestoppers and other agencies and local authorities to raise awareness of rural crime and reduce the impact it can have on local residents and the population as a whole.

More people live in the conurbations of Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and the Weymouth area than the rest of the county put together - about 70% in only 12% of the the land area.

Catch a criminal in the countryside and it will undoubtedly cut crime in towns and villages. They will burgle, rob and assault you wherever you live, and prey on the elderly in particular.

It is an especially cowardly set of criminals who target vulnerable people who choose to live in the countryside: the farming community, their livestock, businesses, plant, buildings  and machinery. In effect the life blood of our invaluable rural economy. It's not a victimless crime either, because everyone picks up the tab for higher food prices, insurance premiums, rates and taxes, policing and providing services.

And don't forget the wildlife, even more the innocent victim and subject to almost unbelievable cruelty.

Only last week, in Poole a badger sett was destroyed, covered in sand so that the sow and her cubs were suffocated. Do you really want to drink in the same pub with or buy infected or potentially poisonous meat from the poachers of deer, lambs and other livestock ?

If you overhear someone boasting of any crime, town or country, you could be the next victim - so do something about it! Call Crimestoppers anonymously and help put a stop to the blight of crime in our beautiful county.

You really can make a difference.

Please have the courage to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 WITH TOTAL ANONYMITY to report any crime or individual that you hear, see, learn about or think may have committed a crime or is about to do so.

The local press are right behind this campaign; here are just some of the comments in recent editions of your local papers and magazines:

Dorset Police 19/2/15

 Reduced Size Russell

 Neighbourhood Inspector Wayne Nock of Dorset Police and Russell Oaten, Chairman of Crimestoppers Dorset at the launch of the campaign in the Dorset countryside. Russell is holding the eyecatching Crimestoppers poster.

1. Dorset police website article


Mags 4Dorset  20/02/2015

 26215 Rural Launch Photo

Left to right: Senior Community Safety Officer Julia Howlett, East Dorset Neighbourhood Inspector Wayne Nock, High Sheriff Jane Stichbury, Rob Baxter (NFU), Russell Oaten (Crimestoppers), Crimestoppers Regional Manager Paul Elliott.

2. Mags4dorset article


Wessex FM 20/02/15

3. Wessex FM article


Blackmore Vale Magazine (2) 22/2/15

4. Blackmore Vale Magazine article


Dorset -ECHO 25/2/15

5. Dorset Echo article


Daily Echo (2) 1/3/15

6. Southern Daily Echo article


There you have it - Dorset is all about crime reduction. Join the campaign and remember to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you think you can prevent or report a crime.