The Annual County Shows are an important, popular and traditional part of life in Dorset, visited by thousands of people every year, be they from the local towns and villages or holiday makers looking for a day out with a difference. It's not all turnips, tractors and tweeds but a vital meeting of the agricultural and farming business community from a wide area.

They're the ideal places, in fact, to spread the word on how Crimestoppers really is making a difference and how everyone can play their part in keeping the countryside safe.

In 2014 Dorset Crimestoppers attended with their stall and gazebo to spread the word on the fight against rural crime and all that that entails. Mark and Kathy were the stalwarts who visited Shaftesbury and Gillingham (at Motcombe), Melplash (near Bridport) and Dorchester.

Look out for Crimestoppers at the 2015 Shows across Dorset. 

With the ongoing Dorset campaigns to 'Kick Rural Crime out of Dorset' and the Crimestoppers national Rural Crime campaign it was the ideal opportunity to reinforce how vigilance, team work and the all-important anonymous calls to Crimestoppers can make a huge difference in tackling the blight of criminals in our county.

The cost of rural crime is huge, and the results have to be paid for - ultimately by all of us

  • Food prices in the supermarkets
  • Insurance premiums increased
  • Replacement livestock, renewed plant and equipment, repairs to buildings
  • Our enjoyment of the countryside
  • Cruelty to farm animals and wildlife - how can you put a price on that ?

Help cut crime. If you see, or hear on the grapevine, anything suspicious call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you want to make life hard for those who want to harm your livelihood.

It’s anonymous and you will never be identified - that is a promise never broken.