Devon and Cornwall Crimestoppers are proud to announce that they were selected as a recipient of the Percy Hoskins Award 2015 to support their bid for the Stoke Village Project.

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The annual Percy Hoskins Award provides a grant of up to £15,000 to help fund a well-defined project run by a Crimestoppers local committee. Devon and Cornwall’s bid was selected alongside another winner to receive the sum of £7,500.

Stoke Village is located in an area of Plymouth that has the most diverse demographics in the city ranging from the most deprived to the highest paid residents. The ‘village’ also has the highest number of licensed premises in one area outside of Union Street. This has led to a number of opportunistic crimes, including shoplifting, domestic burglary, theft from motor vehicles and street robbery.

The project will involve the Introduction of CCTV to cover the route in and out of the area, which will be monitored by Crimestoppers Champions along with local police along with the setting up of a ‘Stoke Watch’ involving retail outlets, pubs and local residents.

Having been selected from a high number of applicants, Devon and Cornwall was nominated for the award at the very end of 2015, and work is now in progress to make this project a reality.