Following the launch of the highly successful Ambassador project in Exeter, Devon and Cornwall Crimestoppers is rolling out the scheme across the two counties. The charity aims to engage with a network of partner organisations and agencies who regularly come into contact with the public in order to build awareness and engagement.

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Crimestoppers’ Ambassadors may come from backgrounds where they work with victims of crime and their families, or people who are abused or vulnerable as well as with criminals, all of whom often have a wealth of intelligence that they may not be willing to share directly with the police. In addition, they may come from sectors of society that just want to do their bit for crime prevention and reduction. This could include farming communities, schools and colleges, hospitals, business organisations, equestrian groups, tourism outlets and shops.

The Ambassador project aims to identify and train key members of staff from a wide range of Devon and Cornwall based organisations about the services our charity offers. Once they become Ambassadors, they will have the tools to support those they come into contact with by signposting them to a secure and anonymous way of passing information about crime to Crimestoppers.

If you think you or the organisation you represent would like to be involved as a Crimestoppers’ Ambassador, please email