Sussex Crimestoppers' campaign materials are generally produced to support local initiative launches, although on occasion they are produced in support of specific crime concerns. They focus on raising awareness of specific crime categories and highlighting the Crimestoppers provision of services that enable informmation to be passed anonymously.

We take a common approach to campaign publicity material, using a cartoon based storyboard style of publication. This has a number of advantages, particularly that of getting the message across to a wide range of readers in a succinct and easily understood way. The storyboard approach also enables us to highlight the Crimestoppers brand in a style that, over time, is becoming recognised as representing Sussex Crimestoppers. The storyboards are generally printed for distribution, but they are now beginning to be used through electronic media as well. Whilst we generally encourage their circulation, the storyboards are copyright of Sussex Crimestoppers and should not be copied without permission.

Email, Sussex Crimestoppers Volunteer Chair for details.

Arson, drug dealing and distraction burglary

This is a combination file that addresses three aspects of crime that have affected communities [.pdf] in Sussex over recent years.


A straightforward storyboard raising awareness of risks relating to burglary [.pdf].

Domestic Violence

A frequently hidden crime, which remains a concern to society. The storyboard was produced as part of our campaign launch [.pdf], which was kindly sponsored by Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club at the Amex Stadium in Brighton in February 2012. The keynote launch speaker was Penny Beale, a mother who suffered the awful experience of losing her own daughter to domestic violence. Penny made a short film of her traumatic experience, entitled Break the Silence.

Drink Driving

In a society where it is now  generally considered unacceptable to drink and drive there is still a significant minority who ignore the risks and continue to drive when unfit through drink or drugs. Crimestoppers receives, anonymously, a suprising amount of information about individuals who drink and drive enabling police to target some of the worst offenders directly. Against this background of a crime that can be invisible to the casual observer, Sussex Crimestoppers produced the storyboard encouraging people who witness such behaviour to pass the information on.

Most Wanted

The Most Wanted storyboard [.pdf] is designed to complement Crimestoppers Most Wanted gallery.

Rural Crime

By the very nature of the environment in which rural crime occurs, discovery can frequently be made quite a while after the event. Our Rural Crime campaign [.pdf] was launched at the South of England Agricultural Society AGM in March 2013 . Working in partnership with English Heritage and the National Farmers Union, the objective was to launch initiatives that raise awareness amongst people living in rural areas or using them for work and leisure. In addition to the usual storyboard, an easily carried card [.pdf] is available to remind of the issues and encourage the passing of information to Crimestoppers.

The campaign was refreshed in October 2015 (details here) to coincide with Wildlife Crime Awareness Week and the availability of our Rural Crime video, produced in partnership with Sussex Police and supported by TV Presenter Ray Mears.