In order to meet its objectives through events, campaigns and other activities, Sussex Crimestoppers relies on its team of volunteers as well as on individuals and businesses who support our initiatives in a range of different ways 

Our various supporters reflect a cross-section of society and the business communities throughout East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton and Hove. Support is offered for many reasons, ranging from a simple desire to 'do something' for your community to business decisions in relation to corporate social responsibility. All types of support are valuable in their own way and are essential to the ongoing success of Sussex Crimestoppers.

Have a look at the examples below and if you would like to get involved your support would be welcomed. For more information, please email John Burke, Sussex Crimestoppers Volunteer Chair.

Volunteer for Sussex Crimestoppers

Our team of volunteers in Sussex are key to the committee's ongoing operation by helping to organise events and activities as well as assisting in their delivery. Volunteers can either participate as voting members of the Sussex Committee or engage as Associate Members without Committee responsibilities. Genuine enthusiasm to help with our work is the only general requirement, but individuals who can bring specific skills are particularly required. Helpful areas of expertise include:

  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Public relations, social networks and web skills
  • Information management
  • Fundraising
  • Finance
  • Networking

What support do we receive from the community?

We receive support in kind from a range of Sussex-based businesses. Examples include:

Golden Handcuff Club

 GHC Logo 2016

Sussex Crimestoppers' Golden Handcuff Club (GHC) is a group of individuals and organisations who support our work within Sussex through a financial donation or the provision of services. One of the challenges we face in Sussex is the development of a regular flow of resources to support medium and long term planning. The long term objective of our Golden Handcuff Club is to establish a regular flow of resources through membership, which is sufficient to support our work on an onging basis. In return we arrange networking lunches for members, offer priority access to our events (including an invitation from our Patron Peter James to his book launches) and provide a range of information relating to our work. This structure resulted from a recent review which was initially publicised at a re-launch networking lunch, held at the Brighton Grand in September 2015.

Click Here for membership details and forms.

Existing members of the GHC

Honorary Members    
Dr Peter James Patron, Sussex Crimestoppers  
Jason Edge Mayo Wynne Baxter  
Marc Cox Mishon MacKay  
Barry Carden Carden Accountants  
Mike Holland The British Engineerium  
Matt Robinson Beacon Services