Our local campaigns, events and other initiatives, are focussed on the needs and priorities of communities in Sussex, in order to raise awareness of crime and encourage its reporting. Whenever appropriate, our activities reflect Crimestoppers' national initiatives, as well as the crime prevention and policing priorities in Sussex.

  19 October 2015 Rural Crime Rural Crime awareness video to go live in conjunction with rural crime initiatives by Sussex police and the Wildlife Crime Awareness Week. Full details subject to confirmation.
  December 2015 - January 2016 Drink Driving Campaign To coincide with the annual Christmas and New Year campaign period.
  Monday 4 April 2016 Networking Lunch Lunch networking event (including updates and associated statistics) for our Golden Handcuff members and invited guests. The event is charged at cost.
  Date TBC CSE Early work is being prepared to develop an awareness campaign around issues related to child sexual exploitation
  Date TBC 2016
Crime Impacting the Elderly Analysis of the crime categories that are considered to impact disproportionately on the elderly, in order to establish a campaign to increase intelligence flows on these categories.
  Date TBC 2016 Breaking Down Barriers to 'Hard to Reach' Groups

There are groups within our communities that for whatever reason are reluctant to communicate directly with the police. We will seek to establish who/where these groups are and which avenues of communication would be most effective in each case.

Campaigns will then be devised to publicise  Crimestoppers' anonymous reporting services and evaluate the effectiveness of the communication avenues identified.

The overall aim is to increase intelligence flows from difficult to reach sectors of the community.